Huafeng Weiye Company was Approved Special Grade Qualification of Power Engineering Commissioning Catagory


Recently, China Electric Power Construction Association released [2018] No. 2 announcement, according to "Power Engineering Commissioning Ability Qualification Management Method", approved Huafeng Weiye power engineering power class commissioning special qualification. Huafeng Weiye completed the "4th Five-Year" strategic objective of "Attaining Special Qualifications for Thermal Power Commissioning" two years ahead of schedule and successfully ranked among the top-level commissioning enterprises.
Power engineering power class commissioning special qualification is the highest level of power engineering commissioning sequence, which could be used to undertake power engineering commissioning business, including thermal power generation, nuclear power generation, wind power, solar and other energy generating units. And the scale is not limited.
Since the 4th Five-Year Plan, Huafeng Weiye Company has made a strategic plan to declare the special qualification of power engineering commissioning according to the need of the company to build a complete EPCO industry chain and its own business development, and makes good preparation in commissioning performance, commissioning equipment, commissioning technology and personnel construction and other aspects.
After entering 2017, Huafeng Weiye Company started to organize the declaration of qualification escalation, successively completed the organization and declaration of qualified application materials and successfully passed the systematic assessment of the expert group of China Electric Power Construction Enterprises Association. After appraisal and publicity, China Power Construction Association officially granted to Huafeng Weiye company "Power Engineering Special Commissioning Unit" qualification level.
The acquisition of special qualification is an important achievement made by Huafeng Weiye Company in the operation and development. It is also the full affirmation of the commissioning capability and commissioning performance of Huafeng Weiye Company in the industry, which symbolizes that the business qualification of Huafeng Weiye Company has greatly improved. For Huafeng Weiye company, it is of great significance for the company to enhance its brand awareness, expand its influence in the industry and further participate in the competition in the power engineering commissioning market in both China and abroad.