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India Jharsuguda 4×600MW coal-fired unit independent power station project

Detailed introduction:
Name: India Jharsuguda 4×600MW coal-fired unit independent power station project
Unit capacity: 4 × 600MW
Unit Category: Coal-fired generating units
Address: Brundamal / Bhurkamunda Village, Jharsuguda, Orissa State, India
India JHARSUGUDA IPP 4×600MW unit project is invested and constructed by India Sterlite Energy Co., Ltd., with a planned capacity of 6×600MW. In this period, four 600MW domestic subcritical coal-fired units will be built. The project was the largest contract project in the Indian power market, China-India trade cooperation, and the largest order for China's electromechanical equipment exports. The boiler is a coal-fired steam drum furnace produced by Harbin Boiler Factory Co., Ltd. with G2060/17.5-YM9 subcritical parameters, one intermediate reheat, forced circulation, solid slag discharge, all steel frame and full suspension structure. The steam turbine is a subcritical, single-shaft, one-stage intermediate reheat, three-cylinder four-row steam and condensing steam turbine produced by Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd., model number N600-16.7/538/538. The generator is a QFSN-600-2-22B generator produced by Dongfang Electric Machinery Factory. The generator set is connected by unit unit, and the main transformer neutral point is directly grounded.
The commissioning and performance test technical service of Jiasu Guda 4×600MW coal-fired independent power station undertaken by our company began to be commissioned in May 2008, mainly including DCS configuration, electrical value calculation, transfer trial operation, performance test and other service items. . Through the successful commissioning of the project, the company has accumulated rich experience in FCB technology. To ensure that the FCB's harsh working conditions occur, the unit can realize unattended automatic adjustment and run the power plant for more than one hour to ensure the interests of the investors. The project successfully completed the commissioning task in December 2012 and successfully handed over! The project won the highest national security award in India in 2009. The Jiasu Guda 4×600MW coal-fired independent power station project is the company's first 600MW subcritical unit commissioning and performance test technical service project, which has far-reaching significance for the future development of the company.
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