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India Jharsuguda 9×135MW coal-fired unit

Detailed introduction
Name: India Jasuguda 9×135MW coal-fired unit
Unit capacity: 9 × 135MW
Unit category: coal-fired unit
Address: Brundamal / Bhurkamunda Village, Jharsuguda, Orissa State, India
India's Jharsuguda 9×135MW EPC project is a self-sufficient power plant of Vadanta Alumina Co., India, with a scale of 9×135MW. The owner is a well-known mining company in India and its parent company, VEDANTA RESOURCES, has been listed in London, UK. The thermal system of the project is equipped with a 135MW ultra-high pressure intermediate reheat condensing two-cylinder double-row steam turbine generator set + a 440T/H boiler. The steam turbine uses a seven-stage heating and heat recovery system. The steam turbine is equipped with two high-pressure heaters, one deaerator, four low-pressure heaters, and a 2×100% capacity electric feed pump set for the water supply system. The boiler is equipped with four medium-speed coal mills and a set of five electric field high-voltage electrostatic precipitators. . The nine boilers share two 275-meter chimneys.
The main contract of this project is divided into two phases, the first phase of 5X135MW unit and the second phase of 4X135MW unit. In June 2007, our company began to enter the commissioning, mainly including electrical value calculation, transfer trial operation, performance test and other service projects. The first unit of the first phase was handed over to trial production on November 18, 2007. The interval between the remaining four units for each trial production was 2 months; the first unit of the second phase was handed over to trial production on September 28, 2008. The remaining time interval for each trial production is 2 months. The 9 135MW coal-fired power station project in Jasuguda, India, was awarded the “Quality Completion Certificate” by the owner and won the Indian National Energy Conservation Award in 2011 and 2012.
India Jharsuguda 9×135MW unit is the first Indian project undertaken by our company. This project plays a vital role in the development of our company, exploring the Indian market and establishing the industry reputation. All members of Huafeng Weiye in India go all out. Strive hard, overcome various difficulties such as short construction period and high difficulty, and successfully complete this project!
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