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Iraq Sarah Dating 2×630MW Subcritical Fuel Gas Power Station

Name: Iraq Sarah Dating 2×630MW Subcritical Fuel Gas Power Station
Unit capacity: 630MW
Unit category: subcritical fuel unit
Address: Sarah Harding, Iraq
Detailed introduction
The Iraqi Sarah Harding 2X630MW Fuel Gas Power Station Project is a general contracting project signed by China National Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “General Contractor (CMEC)”) and the Iraqi Ministry of Electric Power Thermal Power Project Company. Two 630MW subcritical fuel gas units, located 186 kilometers north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, in the Sahalad province, on the north bank of the Tigris.
In this project, two 630MW fuel gas generator sets are installed. The boilers are subcritical parameters, natural circulation, four-corner tangential combustion mode, one intermediate reheating, single furnace 膛 balanced ventilation, and all-steel frame steam drum furnace. The parameters of the main steam and reheat steam pressure, temperature, flow rate and the like are matched with the steam inlet parameters of the steam turbine. Each boiler is equipped with a fuel gas nozzle. The maximum continuous evaporation (BMCR) of the boiler is 2136/h, which is equal to the steam intake when the turbine valve is fully open (VWO), and can meet the steam inlet temperature and pressure requirements of the turbine.
The steam turbine is subcritical, one intermediate reheat, impulsive, single-shaft, double back pressure, three-cylinder four-row steam condensing. The turbine is turned clockwise (from the steam turbine to the generator), and a three-stage high-pressure heater (with a steam cooling section and a hydrophobic cooling section), an eight-stage regenerative system consisting of a primary deaerator and a four-stage low-pressure heater are provided. The turbine bypass system uses a high- and low-pressure two-stage series bypass system with a bypass capacity of 30% BMCR. The system is equipped with two 60% capacity steam feed pumps and two 30% capacity electric start/standby feed pumps. The cooling method adopts open and closed circulation cooling mode.
This project is a large-scale fuel gas power station project undertaken by our company following the Shatrabig project. It is also another attempt by the company to debug large-scale fuel-powered boilers in the world. Once again prove the owner's recognition of our debugging technology.
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