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Venezuela Central Power Plant No. 6 600MW Unit Project

Detailed introduction:
Name: 600 MW unit project of Venezuela Central Power Plant No. 6
Unit capacity: 1 × 600MW
Unit category: oil unit
Address: Venezuela
The 6 MW 600 MW unit project of the Central Power Plant in Venezuela is an expansion project. The central power plant is located in the Caribbean Sea in the north-central region of Venezuela. It is the largest thermal power plant (fuel/gas) in Venezuela and currently has 5 400 MW units (1, 2). The unit is a 400 MW unit of Borsig production company, and the 30,000 MW unit is produced by Hitachi, Japan, units 3, 4 and 5), all of which are subcritical boilers. In this phase, a 600MW fuel/gas unit and supporting auxiliary facilities will be expanded. The unit will be produced in China, the general contract of China Machinery Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., and the construction and installation of the Sichuan Electric Power Construction Company II. Equipment debugging.
The expansion project of the 600 MW unit of the Central Power Plant of Venezuela is located in the MORON district of Juan José, Carabovo, Venezuela. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (Venezuela) is a country located in the northern part of South America. It borders Guyana in the east, Brazil in the south, Colombia in the west, and the Caribbean Sea in the north. The coastline is 2,831 kilometers long. The north and northwest are the Andes. The central part is the Orinock Plain and the southeast is the Guyana Plateau.
In addition to the mountains, Venezuela is a typical equatorial climate. The mountains are mild and the lowlands are hot. The annual average temperature is 26~28 °C. There are many rivers in Venezuela and there is a lot of water. The rainy season is from June to November and the dry season from December to May. The state of Carabobo is a state in northern Venezuela. Beibei Caribbean. The area is 4,650 square kilometers. The population is 1.559 million (1990), the capital of Valencia. The famous Battle of Carabobo at the time of the War of Independence. The northern and southern parts are coastal mountains and inner mountains, and the middle is a fertile depression. Tropical climate, annual precipitation of 750-1,500 mm, increasing from east to west. The traffic is developed, with railways and highways. In 1876, the city established the first power plant in South America, and Valencia became the first city to use electric lighting and the first city in Latin America to have street lights.
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