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Thailand NPS NPP9 1×135MW Turbine Generator Set Project

Detailed introduction
Name: Thailand NPS NPP9 1×135MW Turbine Generator Set Project
Unit capacity: 135MW
Unit category: biogenerator
Address: 304 Industrial Park, Bajin Wuli, Thailand
The NPS NPP9---1×135 MW steam turbine generator project covers an area of ​​about 200,000 square meters and is a biomass power generation project. This biomass generator set is currently one of the world's largest single-capacity biomass generator sets. The designed annual capacity of a single unit is 950 million kWh, which can save about 500,000 tons of coal.
The project is a power station expansion project of the Thai Power Company with an installed capacity of 1 × 135 MW. The fuel used in the boiler design of this project is 83.7% wood chips, 8.15% bark and 8.15% rice husk in Thailand. The fuel is boiler ignition and low-load fuel is local light diesel oil, which is fueled by automobiles.
The project is a turnkey project, which adopts the general contracting method (ie EPC method) including design, equipment procurement and building installation and commissioning, trial operation, personnel training service and performance appraisal test. The total project duration is completed after the contract is signed and after the reliability test. The crew construction period is 19 months. The project site is located in Thatoom, Prachinburi Province, Thailand.
The scale and properties of the project are 1×384t/h ultra-high pressure, one intermediate reheat, circulating fluidized bed, natural circulation drum boiler and 1×135MW ultra-high pressure, one intermediate reheat, two-cylinder double exhaust steam, extraction steam condensing Turbine generator set.
The steam turbine of this project is produced by Harbin Steam Turbine Works, with ultra-high pressure and one intermediate reheat. Double-cylinder double-exhaust steam and extraction steam condensing type, rated power is 150MW, main steam valve front main steam rated temperature is 535 °C, main steam pressure is 13.24MPa, main steam rated flow is 384t/h, reheat steam pressure is 1.941MPa, reheat steam outlet temperature is 535 °C, exhaust steam pressure is 9.6kPa, exhaust steam flow is 274.66t / h, rated speed is 3000r / min. The generator is produced by Harbin Steam Turbine Factory and is an air-cooled static excitation generator with rated power of 150MW, rated voltage of 13.8KV, power factor of 0.85, rated frequency of 50Hz, power (guaranteed value) of 98.4%, excitation mode. Excitation for stationary thyristor. The boiler of this project adopts Haguo Group to produce ultra-high pressure, one intermediate reheating, balanced ventilation, solid slag discharge, open-air layout, all-steel frame circulating fluidized bed boiler; adopting island-type semi-open-air layout, all-steel structure, and top setting light Steel roof. The boiler adopts a fixed combination of lifting and hanging, and the operating level of the boiler is 9m. The convection heating surface is arranged in the convection shaft flue by adopting a single steam drum natural circulation, a concentrated descending pipe, a balanced ventilation, an adiabatic cyclone gas-solid separator, and a circulating fluidized combustion mode. The superheater adopts a two-stage water spray desuperheater to adjust the steam temperature. The reheater adopts a method in which the flue gas baffle adjusts the steam temperature and the accident sprinkler adjusts the temperature to supplement the steam temperature. Among them, the output of the boiler is 382t / h, the superheated steam pressure is 13.73MPa (g), the superheated steam temperature is 540 ° C, the boiler efficiency (guaranteed efficiency) is 89.7%, SO2 emission concentration ≤ 150mg / Nm3 (dry flue gas, 7 %O2, design Ca/S ratio), NOx emission concentration ≤ 190mg/Nm3 (dry flue gas, 7% O2, design Ca/S ratio).
In February 2014, our company signed a commissioning service contract with China Datang Group for the NPS NPP9---1×135 MW steam turbine generator project in Thailand, which is responsible for the commissioning, complete commissioning and commissioning of the steam turbine generator set. And during the trial production period, coordination, adjustment, improvement of the relevant tests, calibration and parameter setting of the project, the completion of the standard production work and the completion of performance tests. In October 2014, our company conducted a one-month expert training for Thai NPP9 students. Through training, the Thai operators learned and mastered the relevant knowledge of operation, maintenance, accident handling, power plant economic indicators and unit commissioning management and technology, and achieved good results.
As of the end of May 2015, the main work completed by our staff was on April 26th. The main work being carried out is the power supply of the NPP9 reversing plant. On May 23, 6KV completed the power receiving work. On May 28, all the plant systems were completed.
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