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Thailand NPP5A 1x98 MW Turbine Biomass Generator Set

Detailed introduction
Name: Thailand NPP5A1×98MW Turbine Generator Set Project
Unit capacity: 98MW
Unit category: biogenerator
Address: 304 Industrial Park, Bajin Wuli, Thailand
The 304 Industrial Park is one of the five eco-industry comprehensive pilot projects selected by the Ministry of Industry of Thailand. In this park, the NPP5A---1×98MW double-condensing steam turbine generator set under the Double A Group and the biomass power generation project covering an area of ​​about 200,000 square meters, namely NPS NPP9---1×135 The MW steam turbine generator project is under construction. The biomass generator set of the NPP9 project is currently one of the world's largest single-capacity biomass generator sets. The designed annual capacity of a single unit is 950 million kWh, which can save about 500,000 tons of coal. The NPP5 project is a cogeneration expansion project, and China Datang Group Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. is the EPC general contractor of the project. The project belongs to the company's Thai power company power station project, with an installed capacity of 1 × 98MW. The scale and nature of the project is 1×98MW double-dumping steam turbine generator set. The general contracting method (ie EPC method) including design, equipment procurement and building installation and commissioning is adopted. Including steam engine room area, transformer area, circulating water pump room and mechanical ventilation cooling tower area, air conditioning in steam engine room and circulating water pump room, chemical dosing system, soda water sampling system. The steam turbine uses a steam turbine produced by Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. The rated power is 98MW, the rated temperature before the main steam valve is 482 °C, the rated flow rate of main steam is 352/h, the rated speed is 3000r/min, and the direction of rotation is clockwise from the end of the turbine to the end of the generator. The generator is an air-cooled static excitation generator, which is produced by Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Motor Co., Ltd., with rated power of 98MW, rated voltage of 10.5KV, power factor of 0.85, rated frequency of 50Hz, and power (guaranteed value) of 98.4%. The excitation mode is static thyristor excitation. In February 2014, our company signed a commissioning service contract with China Datang Group for the NPP5A1×98MW steam turbine generator project and the NPS NPP9---1×135 MW steam turbine generator project, including DCS configuration and electrical setting. Debugging service items such as calculation, transfer trial, performance test, etc.
From the first batch of personnel of our company in May 2014, the main work completed by the personnel on December 30, 2014 was NPP5 chemical effluent, DCS power receiving, reversing plant power, boiler steam blowing, and unit Network, etc., the main work in progress is the NPP5 complete set of start-up tests.
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