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Shenhua Guohua Ningdong Power Plant 2×660MW expansion project

Shenhua Guohua Ningdong Power Plant 2×660MW expansion project is located in the northern part of Majitan Town, Lingwu, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, about 48km from Lingwu City in the northwest, about 6km from Majiatan Town in the south, and Wuhu Mining Area in the north. The coal quality of each coal seam in Lingwu mining area is characterized by ultra-low ash, special low-sulfur, ultra-low phosphorus, high calorific value, etc. It is an ideal high-quality power coal, and all coal-fired power plants are transported into the plant by belt. .
Seeking technological breakthroughs in the design of this project, actively applying the world's latest optimal technology, implementing the whole process of refined management, creating “modern industrial art”, expecting the construction of the lowest energy consumption, pollutants “near zero emissions”, ecologically beautiful power plants .
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