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Nigeria Ogun 4×9EGT+4HRSG+2ST combined cycle unit project

Detailed introduction:
Name: Nigeria Ogun 4×9EGT+4HRSG+2ST combined cycle unit
Unit capacity: 2 × 375MW
Unit category: combined cycle gas turbine
Address: OGUN, Nigeria
The Nigerian OGUN combined cycle gas turbine power plant, with a scale of 2×375MW, consists of two “two-to-one” combined cycle generator sets, each with two GE PG 9171E gas turbines, two dual-pressure waste heat boilers and one condensing steam. Turbine and auxiliary equipment. Nigeria Ogun 4×9EGT+4HRSG+2ST combined cycle unit is the largest EPC project undertaken by China in Nepal, and it is also the largest economic cooperation project between China and Nigeria and the largest complete set of electromechanical equipment projects in China. Nigeria and Nigeria occupy an important position in economic and trade exchanges. The successful operation of this project will play a positive role in driving China's mechanical and electrical products exports, accumulating international EPC general contracting experience and promoting China-Nepal economic and trade cooperation.
The Ogun project in Nigeria is the second gas turbine project after the first phase of the Papalanto 8×42MW simple cycle gas turbine project. It is a combined cycle gas turbine. The working range includes the whole plant gas turbine, steam turbine, boiler, water, Electrical, DCS, performance test and other sub-systems and complete set of commissioning tasks. The commitment of this project will further enhance and enrich our company's debugging capabilities and qualifications in the field of gas turbines, and lay a more solid foundation for further development of the African electricity market. Japan's Papalanto 4 sets of 9E combined cycle gas turbine engineering EPC adjustment project began commissioning in June 2010, and completed all commissioning work in December 2012.
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