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Shatrabig IPP2×660MW subcritical fuel gas power station

Detailed introduction
Name: Shatrabig IPP2×660MW Subcritical Fuel Gas Power Station
Unit capacity: 2 × 660MW
Unit Category: Subcritical Fuel Gas Power Station
The two 660MW subcritical fuel power station projects in Shatrabig are the largest projects independently undertaken by Chinese contractors in Saudi Arabia. They are the largest single-unit power plant in the Middle East market, and the first EPC contractor of China's power plants to break the monopoly of European, American and Japanese companies. The situation, successfully entered the Saudi market, led the Chinese power station equipment and Chinese financing into the Saudi market. The boiler is a subcritical parameter, natural circulation, front and rear wall hedging combustion mode, one intermediate reheating, single furnace 膛 balanced ventilation, and all-steel frame steam drum furnace. The steam turbine is a subcritical, one-stage intermediate reheat, impulsive, single-shaft, double-back pressure, three-cylinder four-row steam condensing type (Model: N660-16.67/538/538) produced by Dongfang Steam Turbine Works. The generator is a water-hydrogen-hydrogen cooled, self-excited static excitation turbo generator produced by Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. The Saudi Arabian IPP2×660MW subcritical fuel gas power plant EPC project began commissioning in September 2011. The project has many adjustment test items and large time spans, including equipment supervision test, engineering construction test, engineering completion test, trial operation test and temporary engineering test, performance test, reliability operation test and commercial operation test. The project was successfully put into operation in January 2013.
The unmanned FCB technology, which was successfully completed and successfully implemented during the commissioning process of the Shatrabig project, broke through the difficulties in control coordination during the drastic changes of the unit's working conditions, and fully realized unmanned intervention through complex automatic control. Control makes the unit safe and stable to achieve load shedding and island operation, optimize water supply control, fuel control, air volume control and bypass control. The steam turbine adopts the speed control mode with primary frequency modulation feedforward, and the electronic synchronous trigger before the OPC action is triggered to close the main The regulating valve, the steam turbine speed directly transitions to the rated speed after one overspeed, there is no secondary overspeed oscillating, the water supply control adopts the speed limit and the pre-judgment, and the steam drum water level is in the second strong fluctuation by the quick opening recirculation and participating in the flow regulation. After the final smooth, the bypass is automatically slipped under the current pressure. Under the unified control of the turbine, boiler and electric control, the unit can be safely controlled and transitioned to a new stable working condition for 20 minutes. . The application of FCB technology and 660MW fuel unit automation sequence start-stop technology for 660MW fuel unit without human intervention was also awarded the third prize of 2014 China Science and Technology Progress Award by China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association. On October 30, 2014, the Chinese construction enterprise scientific and technological achievements release and science and technology award, the company's deputy general manager Li Shanggang, Rabigh project chief engineer Lu Tao, Rabigh project to adjust the total of the first 660MW fuel The unit unmanned intervention FCB technology won the second prize of China Electric Power Construction Science and Technology. It fully demonstrates the company's debugging technology innovation achievements in recent years, enhances the company's brand image, and is of great significance to the company's further development and promotion, cooperation and exchange, and expansion of domestic and foreign markets.
In the China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association's selection of the 2014 China Power Industry Quality Engineering Activity, the 2×660 MW unit project of the Shatrabig Independent Power Plant commissioned by our company stood out from many projects and won the National Quality Engineering Gold Award (Overseas Engineering) ). “China Power Quality Engineering Award” is the earliest in the field of engineering construction, with the highest specification requirements, cross-industry and inter-disciplinary national honor awards. It is the highest honor award in China's engineering construction quality, aiming to promote power construction enterprises to strengthen quality management and improve Engineering construction quality and investment efficiency. The two overseas projects commissioned by Huafeng Weiye Company were also evaluated at the same time. It is the full affirmation of the commissioning technology level of Huafeng Weiye Company by China Electric Power Construction Association, and also a powerful embodiment of the company's comprehensive strength. It will enhance the overseas image and credibility of the company and expand overseas. The market and rich overseas performance are of great significance.
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