SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project "Fuel Storage" Work was in Full Swing


Saudi Zwara Operation and Maintenance Project Department "fuel storage" work in full swing. As of April 8, the Saudi Zwara project received 15 vehicle trips of fuel in batches, and transported and stored more than 600 tons of fuel.
The Saudi Zwara project is accompanied by a total of 21 main and auxiliary oil tanks, with a total capacity of approximately 208,000 cubic meters. It is mainly used to provide fuel security for the 12 turbines of the project and is used for the black start system in the plant. Since the completion of 2014, due to multiple reasons of SWCC, the main and auxiliary tanks have not achieved fuel inventory.
Based on the needs of the project operation and maintenance work, the Saudi Zwara project department has been actively urging, negotiating the owner to start the "fuel storage" as soon as possible, and finally successfully promoted the SWCC to officially start this work on April 1, 2018.
In order to ensure smooth and safe oil entry, the Saudi Zwara project department has drawn up elite personnel, which constitutes a local advantage and ensures that the entire process of “fuel storage” can be controlled and controlled.
After receiving the “fuel storage” plan date of SWCC, the project department organized in advance to ensure the quality of fuel storage and safety “double compliance”, and carried out a comprehensive inventory of the equipment of the fuel system and the review and trial of supporting fire fighting equipment. After proper arrangements and close inspections, all areas and equipment of the fuel system have regular storage capacity within the given planning time of the SWCC, achieving a safe storage level.
At 9 a.m. on April 1, the first fuel transfer vehicle on the SWCC side arrived at the designated discharge area under full surveillance of the guided vehicle of the HSE department of the project department. On-site personnel carried out the unloading connection one by one according to the “Regulations for Fuel Transfer Operations”. After the safety protection was completed, the first fuel transfer operation of the Saudi Zwara Project was officially started.
Next, the Saudi Zwara Project Department will immediately organize personnel to establish and improve various types of management ledgers and systems such as HSE accounts in the fuel area, regular inspections of the ledger, etc., and conduct regular on-site performances and fire emergency response rehearsals to ensure fuel storage. Safe and reliable use.