Pakistan’s Haveli Operation Department Took a series of Measures to Prepare for the Operation and Maintenance Work


With the smooth progress of the commissioning work, the two gas turbines of the Haveli project in Pakistan have successfully completed the 168 reliability operation, and the commercial operation contract will soon begin to be fulfilled. In order to further enhance the technical level and team management level of project operation and maintenance personnel and lay a solid foundation for commercial operation, Pakistan’s Haveli Operation Department organized and carried out a series of enhanced trainings and optimized management work for the following types of project operations. be prepared.
The first is to revise and improve various management systems. The perfect system is a guarantee for the efficient operation of the team and the pursuit of higher efficiency. A reasonable and scientific management system can reduce the risk of the project department and promote the implementation and implementation of various tasks of the project department. Under the overall arrangement of the project operation and maintenance team, various departments have worked hard for more than two months. The various management systems have been completely revised and executed to ensure that the on-site operation and maintenance work is well documented and enforceable. Reliable operation provides a strong guarantee.
Second, with the spring security inspection as an opportunity, an inspection team was set up to decompose the inspection contents layer by layer, and the responsibilities were carried out to the people. All the hidden dangers, management loopholes, and various types of violations in the production sites were thoroughly investigated. Based on the implementation of the implementation system and standards, the project operation and maintenance team made every effort to establish the awareness of the red line, and conducted special inspections such as “two votes, three systems”, anti-illegal, and chemical products through organizational learning safety regulations and twenty-five countermeasures. Effectively improve the safety management level, and lay a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of the unit.
The third is to strengthen skills training for foreign employees. With the deepening of the talent localization strategy, the number of foreign technical staff in the project department has increased. In response to the different levels of skills of foreign employees, the project operation and maintenance team combines the actual situation on the spot with targeted foreign employees to perform technical and field operations. Training and regular assessment.
The Operation Department and the Maintenance Department took new measures for the newly recruited employees to give full play to the advantages of “old” foreign employees with high skill levels and familiarity with the site. They led the new employees to familiarize with the on-site systems and equipment, and required new employees to join the company. Submit a summary report and learn about the new employee’s skill level and arrange targeted training through the report. At the same time, the comprehensive department of the operation and maintenance project regularly organizes the assessment of the staff’s skill level every quarter, and promotes “the superior to the inferior and the inferior to the inferior” through the examination to promote examination and promotion.
The fourth is to carry out English training for Chinese staff and effectively improve the level of English communication and exchange among Chinese personnel. Being in an overseas project and communicating with owners, foreign employees, and foreign suppliers is a common practice. Therefore, it is particularly important to effectively improve the English skills and communication skills of Chinese personnel in the operation and maintenance team. The project operation and maintenance team organizes the staff of the staff to learn twice a week to learn English commonly used by the power plant, and regularly organize communication and communication skills to teach.
Fifth, organize corporate culture to promote public awareness and loyalty. In order to strengthen corporate culture construction and promote positive energy, the Operation and Maintenance Project Department organized a series of corporate culture promotion activities, especially for the newly recruited foreign employees. Through a series of publicity efforts, the operation and maintenance personnel further deepened their understanding of the company’s culture, enhanced their understanding of the company’s development history, unanimously consolidated their minds.
Through the implementation of a series of measures and the development of activities, the skill level of on-site operation and maintenance personnel has been enhanced, and everyone’s sense of responsibility and mission have been enhanced. The team spirit has become more vigorous and upward, which has laid a good foundation for the implementation of the next operation and maintenance contract.