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Yunnan Qujing 2×12MW Domestic Waste Incineration Power Station

Detailed introduction:
Name: Yunnan Qujing 2×12MW Domestic Waste Incineration Power Station
Unit capacity: 2 × 12MW
Unit category: Domestic waste incineration power generation
Address: Xiping Town, Zhanyi County, Qujing City
On November 9, 2009, our company newly signed the commissioning contract for the first phase (2×12MW) project of Qujing City Domestic Waste Incineration Power Plant. The scale of this project is to treat 253,000 tons of domestic garbage and 1200 tons of domestic garbage per day. At present, it is built at 800t/d, and the domestic garbage in Qujing City and surrounding counties and cities is incinerated. Two circulating fluidized bed waste incinerators with coal as auxiliary fuel were set up, and a single incinerator was used to treat 400t/d of domestic garbage (maximum 500t/d); two waste heat boilers were set up, and a single waste heat boiler produced steam of 36t/h. The waste heat is used to generate electricity, and two sets of N12-3.43/435 condensing steam turbine generator sets are installed. Our company undertakes sub-system debugging, complete set-up and commissioning, coordination with performance test, boiler oven and chemical cleaning. In January 2011, all the commissioning and testing projects were completed. Our company actively served the site in a responsible attitude towards the owners and was recognized and praised by the owners.
The organic matter in municipal solid waste will produce a large amount of biogas under anaerobic conditions. Its main components are methane and carbon dioxide. It is an ideal gas for power generation. This is another area of ​​new energy power generation, and the prospect is very broad! At the same time, this is also a new field that our company has expanded. The ovens and chemical cleanings covered by this contract are also our new business. It has far-reaching significance for improving our company's comprehensive service capabilities, and will be a long-term stable development for the company. To lay a more solid foundation, at the same time, it is also a milestone for the company to further explore the southern market and occupy the domestic bio-generation market.
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