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India Mundra 5×660MW Supercritical Coal-fired Unit Project (winning “Luban Award”)

Detailed introduction
Name: India Mengdela 5×660MW Supercritical Coal-fired Unit Project
Unit capacity: 5 × 660MW
Unit category: supercritical coal-fired unit
Address: Tunda Village, Mundra Town, Kutch District, Gujarat, India
The Mundra 5×660MW supercritical coal-fired power station project in India is currently the world's largest single-site private power station and the first 660MW supercritical unit in India. The owner is India Adani Power Co., Ltd. The boiler is a supercritical parameter variable pressure DC furnace, a reheating, balanced ventilation, a wall-type single-cutting combustion method, an open-air, solid-state slag, an all-steel structure, and a fully suspended structure Π type boiler. The steam turbine is a supercritical, one-stage intermediate reheat, three-cylinder, four-row steam, single-shaft, impulsive, and condensing steam turbine produced by Dongfang Steam Turbine Works, one deaerator and four low-pressure heaters. The generator is a water-hydrogen-hydrogen cooled, static-excited turbo generator produced by Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.
India's Mundra 5×660MW supercritical coal-fired unit EPC project started commissioning in May 2010, mainly including DCS configuration, electrical value calculation, transfer trial operation, performance test and other service projects. In February 2013, the Mondray 5×660MW supercritical coal-fired unit project and public system commissioning work was completed, successfully completed, and successfully put into operation. It was highly evaluated and recognized by the Indian owners and won the National Energy Conservation Award of India. The #5 unit received the advance completion award from the Ministry of Electricity of India. India's Mundra 5×660MW supercritical coal-fired unit project is the company's first 660MW supercritical unit commissioning and performance test technical service project, marking the young Huafeng Weiye to be more solid in high-parameter and large-capacity unit projects. The step also adds valuable experience for future work!
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