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India Marula 1×135MW (CFB) circulating fluidized bed boiler unit project

Detailed introduction:
Name: India Luma 1 × 135MW (CFB) coal-fired unit project
Unit capacity: 135MW
Unit category: circulating fluidized bed boiler unit
Address: Rajasthan, India
The Indian Luma 1×135 (CFB) coal-fired unit project is the first circulating fluidized bed unit project undertaken by our company, which mainly includes electrical value calculation, transfer test, performance test and trial operation service. In 2009, the first batch of commissioning personnel entered the scene to overcome the difficulties caused by the licensing reasons, the external natural environment and other difficulties, with full work enthusiasm, superb debugging technology won the praise of the owners and all parties. The project successfully completed a 30-day reliability operation on May 11, 2010, and was successfully handed over. The Maluru 135MW independent power station project in India is the first circulating fluidized bed unit in India to achieve full-load operation and continuous trial operation for more than one month. The performance technical indicators have set a new record for similar units in India.
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