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Heilongjiang Yichun Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation 1X12MW Unit Project

Detailed introduction:
Name: Yichun Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation 1X12MW Unit Project
Unit capacity: 12MW
Unit category: biogenerator
Address: Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province Circular Economy Park
Yichun City Domestic Waste Incineration Power Plant is invested and constructed by Yichun Zhongke Environmental Protection Power Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 156 million yuan, covering an area of ​​33,000 square meters. It uses urban domestic waste as raw material and has a daily processing capacity of 400 tons. After the project is put into use, all the garbage generated by more than 300,000 people in the five districts of Yichun District, Uma River, Cuiyu, Friendship and Meixi will be disposed of. The incineration will be treated as garbage. Power generation raw materials enter the power generation production line, and the annual power generation capacity can reach more than 60 million degrees. The environmental protection technology adopted in this project can realize the harmless, reduced and resource treatment of domestic garbage in Yichun City, and has good social, economic and environmental benefits.
The unit was constructed by Sichuan Industrial Equipment Installation Company, Jilin Province Siping Yijian Group Co., Ltd., supervised by Heilongjiang Huayu Power Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd., designed by China Light Industry Guangzhou Engineering Co., Ltd., and Qingdao Huafeng Weiye Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. The sub-system debugging and complete set-up debugging of the main unit of the unit. In December 2013, our company began to enter the commissioning. Under the leadership of the project department, through the close cooperation of the participating units, the crew successfully started the trial operation to achieve safe, stable and full operating conditions. On November 29, 2014, Complete the 72+24-hour reliability test run of the unit and transfer it to the owner.
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