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Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power 2×1000 MW Unit Project

Detailed introduction:
Name: Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power 2×1000 MW Unit Project
Unit capacity: 2 × 1000 MW
Unit category: nuclear power unit
Address: Beiwan Village, Qinyu Town, Fuding City, Ningde City, Fujian Province
Our company has undertaken the commissioning contract for the #3 and #4 units of the first phase of the Zhongguang Nuclear Ningde Project. It is the second Million Nuclear Power Unit project that our company participated in the commissioning, which is of great significance. It pioneered the cooperation between our company's thermal power commissioning mode and nuclear power commissioning mode, and has a profound impact on the company's future nuclear power commissioning field.
In this project, the commissioning of 2*64 systems of Ningde Nuclear Power, CFA publishing of 2*185 debugging programs, implementation of 80 test guidelines, and 4 system handover procedures (EESR\TOB\TOM\TOTO), 129 The commissioning management regulations cover the various disciplines of nuclear power in addition to nuclear reactors.
The nuclear power commissioning test is our comprehensive professional ability and management coordination ability. From the first nuclear power in September 2013 to the beginning of the GGR system commissioning at the end of October, we have won the recognition of the nuclear debugging department with our strong learning ability and hard work. At the end of April 2014, the commissioning work of each system will be fully carried out. It is expected that by January 2015, #3 units will be connected to the grid. At present, the test leaders (TS) of all the systems we have undertaken have all passed the authorization of CGN.
This is the first project of our company through the cooperation between the three companies Ningde Project Department and CGNPC. The nuclear power commissioning has given us a new debugging management concept. It is also an opportunity and a challenge. We will combine the previous domestic and international debugging experience with higher standards. Require yourself, be proactive, work hard, and work hard to make the company a top commissioning company in China.
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