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Oman Salalah combined cycle gas turbine power plant commissioning and performance test technical service project

Detailed introduction:
Name: Oman Salalah Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Station
Unit capacity: 5 × 6FA + 2HRSG + 2ST
Unit category: combined cycle gas turbine
Address: Suburb of SALALAH, Oman, coastal area
The Oman SALALAH gas turbine combined cycle power station is located on the outskirts of SALALAH, Oman, and belongs to the coastal area. The power plant will construct 5 sets of 6FA-class gas turbine combined cycle units in this phase. The unit consists of five 6FA-class gas turbines and their generators, five non-combustion-type waste heat boilers, two steam turbines and two steam turbine generators and related auxiliary equipment. This project is the BOOT (preparation, operation, ownership, transfer) project of Singapore Shengke Industry Co., Ltd. in Oman. The owner is Sembcorp Oman First Invertment Holding Co. Domestic equipment is used for boilers and steam turbines. The unit is contracted by EPC of Shandong Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd., and our company is responsible for sub-system debugging and complete startup commissioning and performance test of the main unit. Huafeng Weiye Oman Salah Gas Turbine Power Plant Commissioning Department officially entered the Oman Salala Gas Turbine Power Plant site on January 15, 2011. Under the correct leadership of the project team leadership team and the professional support of the project department, I According to the on-site installation node, the commissioning department will make reasonable plans for commissioning and installation, reasonably compile and debug plans, and carefully debug, and successfully complete the whole system of gas turbine, steam turbine, boiler, water, electric, DCS, performance test and other subsystems. Commissioning task, on May 24, 2012, COD3 performance test was completed, and the whole plant equipment was delivered to the owner for commercial operation.
The Oman Salal 445MW combined cycle power plant project created the first record in the Oman electricity market to generate electricity according to government contract duration. In the selection of the 2014 China Power Industry Quality Engineering Activities by the China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association, the Oman Salal Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Station Project and the Saudi Zawar Project, which were commissioned by our company, stood out from numerous projects and won the “China Power Quality Engineering Award”. (outside)".
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