The first Time All 8 Gas Turbines have Passed the Power Grid Capacity Test in Nigeria Ogun Project which Won Praise from the Owner


At 4:00 on May 3, 2018, under the careful operation of project operation and maintenance team, after running continuously in four hours later, all 8 gas turbines in Ogun 8X42 MW power plant have been accepted by NBET and NCC to complete power plant capacity test on an annual basis. It is also the first time that the plant has carried out a full load of eight units, creating a new record for the project since its completion.
Not only was this test result regarded as a distribution basis of annual power plant capacity dispatching, but more importantly it relates to the state compensation fees of power loss due to non-self factors of the owner, which actually created a huge economic benefit for the owner.
The team has received notice from the owner on April 28 that NBET and NCC will conduct full-scale capacity test of the plant on May 3. Considering the vital interests of the owner, the senior management of the company attaches great importance to it and requires the HUAFENG operation and maintenance team to ensure the capacity test must be passed successfully. There are altogether 8 generating units in Nigeria project power plant, and each unit with rated power 42MW, yet declared 38MW must run for 4 hours during test and the average load must be up to 95% of declare capacity. Because of the hot climate in Nigeria, the actual output of unit is difficult to fully meet the requirements. In order to ensure the successful pass of the test, team leaders met together to set up a special working group for this it. Led by the project manager, each professional personnel-in-charge is responsible for the overall arrangement and specific deployment according to the actual performance of the units, and the feasibility test plan is also developed on the basis of safe operation.
From April 28 to May 2, all production department personnel worked overtime during the May Day holiday period, checking and eliminating 8 defects and hidden dangers of various systems for the whole units. And they also conducted maintenance and inspection where faults occur often previously and made corresponding emergency plans and measures for the hidden troubles due to the spare parts problem which cannot be handled immediately.
At 0 am on May 3, all the production professional staff gathered together and was on duty according to the established plan. The team leaders are commanding on the spot. The production staff of the owner was also present, although it was late at night, the power plant was light and bright. Everyone was meticulous, the division of labor was clear, and each step of the test was strictly controlled. To 4 am, the annual CAPACITY DEMONSTRATION test of Nigeria Ogun Project has been completed successfully with a result that the average load of each unit is 99.94% of declared capacity which is number one in all power plants who attended the capacity demonstration test at present. Not only that, but the highlight of this capacity test is it’s the first time since the plant was built that eight units were operating at full load, which created a new record for the plant since its completion. After the test, all local staff, including the owner, gave us a thumbs-up and said, "HUAFENG good job!” On the same day, Chairman of the Pacific Ocean Company entrusted his son Adewale to issue a letter of thanks in person to the project department of HUAFENG.
As the saying goes, everything comes to him who waits. The careful operation and maintenance of the equipment in the plant, the careful preparation and overall planning of this test are key factors to the successful pass of this capacity test. In daily work, the operation and maintenance team also makes operation and maintenance schedule strictly and monitors closely of the equipment, analyzing and adjusting timely. The team also conducts inspection, maintenance and testing in regular, discovering problems and solving it to form a full set of closed loop system that can ensure the safe, economic and efficient operation of units.
This test passing successfully with excellent grades will create huge economic benefits for the owners and it’s a landmark success again that our O&M team gained.  It is a good beginning for the future work and can consolidate the foundation of the good cooperation with the owner in further.