O&M Iron Army – Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar O&M Project


When the Spring Festival of 2016 came, all the Chinese were celebrating the New Year. However, the O&M staffs were still working at their positions to deliver light to people.
The Spring Festival is the most important festival to Chinese people and all the Chinese will come back to home to celebrate the festival. While to the O&M personnel, coming back to home is really difficult, because the unit and equipment were still running, so the O&M personnel should stick to their post to insure the operation of unit.
As the O&M personnel, we also hope to go back to home and celebrate the festival with our families, but we should still work at their position because of our responsibility. We overcame all the difficulties including sand storm, rain storm, burning sun and cold wind to check the equipment and insure the safe and steady operation of unit. Finally, our effort brought delightful result to us that the owner awarded our O&M team the ‘Special Contribution Award’ on Oct 15th, 2015.
On Feb 8th, 2016, the first day of Chinese New Year, our O&M staffs overcame the difficulties including the large number of equipment defects and cross construction in the site and took over the operation work of Block50 combined cycle zone which means that we had taken over all the main equipment in the contract. Under the circumstance that lack of personnel and being unfamiliar with the equipment, our O&M staffs still insured the efficient and steady operation of the unit, which showed the strength of iron army.
The road will be long and difficult, but the SA Zawar O&M team will continue to develop the iron army spirit and oriented by the owner, make more contribution to the company’s O&M business and built a stronger O&M iron army.