Mr. Peng Hong, Manager of Huafeng Weiye Ogun Project, Visits Mr. Liu Kan, Consul General of the Chinese Embassy in Lagos


On 16th of May, 2014, Mr. Peng Hong, Manager of Ogun Project from Huafeng Weiye Company, visited Mr. Liu Kan, Consul General of the Chinese Embassy in Lagos, and they communicated deeply about the problems they concerned.
Mr. Peng firstly introduced the general situation and developing plan of the company in Nigeria to Mr. Liu, detailed described the operation and maintenance situation of the power plant’s first phase, and appreciated the help from the Embassy to the project on behalf of the company.
Mr. Liu cared about the developing situation of the company in Nigeria, spoke highly of the company as a good example in electric power industry in Nigeria, and affirmed the contribution of the company to Nigeria.
During the meeting, Mr. Peng also expressed the friendship between the Group Company and North China Sea Fleet and said the project would like to help the embassy to do the reception for welcoming the fleet to Nigeria. Mr. Liu thanked for the help of the project and further communicated with Mr. Peng about the reception.