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Guoneng County 1X30MW Bio-Power Project

Detailed introduction:
Name: Guoneng County 1X30MW Bio-Power Project
Unit capacity: 30MW
Unit Category: Bio-Power Generation
Address: Shandong Danxian Economic Development Zone
Guoneng Single County Bio-Power Co., Ltd. is invested and built by Guoneng Bio-Power Co., Ltd. It is a national bio-power demonstration project of the first new environmentally-friendly clean combustion mechanism under the specialization of biomass energy comprehensive development and utilization. The project is located in the Economic Development Zone of Shan County. It covers an area of ​​165 mu, with a registered capital of 56 million yuan and a total investment of 340 million yuan. It has a 1×25MW single-stage pumping steam turbine generator set and a 130t/h biomass vibration grate. High-temperature and high-pressure boilers generate about 160 million kWh of electricity.
Our company is mainly responsible for the commissioning work of various professional units and the test verification of electrical protection, automatic devices and measuring instruments during the whole set of the unit. It is responsible for the logic adjustment, modification and SOE point of the combustion control of the boiler various working conditions, DCS, DEH and other thermal control systems. Proofreading work. Our company entered the commissioning in October 2006, and the unit was put into operation on December 1 of the same year. Our company completed the first straw-fueled power generation project in China in only two months, and all the debugging projects have achieved excellent results.
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