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Guoneng Awati 1×12MW Bio-Power Project

Detailed introduction:
Name: Guoneng Awati 1×12MW Bio-Power Generation Project
Unit capacity: 12MW
Unit category: biogenerator
Address: Awati County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
The first bio-power plant in the northwest region---the first phase of the Guoneng Awati County Bio-Power Project. Bio-generation is also called straw power generation, which uses crop straw and forestry waste as fuel to generate electricity. The Awati County Bio-Power Project has a total investment of 290 million yuan and will be constructed in two phases. In the first phase, a 12MW (MW) generating unit will be built. It is estimated that the annual generating capacity will be 60 million kwh, the output value will be about 40 million, and the annual consumption of cotton straw will be about 70,000 tons. This will increase the income of local farmers by more than 10 million yuan per year. , providing nearly 300 jobs. The second phase was built as a 12MW generator set. Xinjiang is the largest cotton producing area in China, and its cotton stalk resources are very rich. For a long time, because there is no cotton straw processing enterprise, most of the cotton stalks are idle and wasted. The introduction of bio-power generation projects is of great significance for saving resources and increasing farmers' income.
The Xinjiang Awati Bio-Power Project successfully completed the 72+24-hour full-load test run of the unit on October 3, 2008. The project further strengthened the company's commissioning team and increased the commissioning performance in the field of bio-power generation. The establishment of a "competitive, hard-working, trustworthy ace" in the field of bio-power generation has laid a more solid foundation.
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