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SA Yanbu Phase III Project O&M team organizes emergency drill for electric shock accident

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In order to strengthen the power safety awareness of the operators and improve the emergency response capabilities of all employees, at local time 16:00 of November 29, 2021, the O&M team of Saudi Arabia Yanbu Phase III Project organized an emergency drill for electric shock accident in accordance with the annual plan of emergency drill.
The personnel of each emergency rescue team performed the accident drill, strictly in accordance with the accident drill procedures and task division, and finished the drill successfully. After the drill, the participants conducted an accident investigation and analysis and further refined the preventive measures.
Finally, Mr. Liu Chonggang, the O& project manager, summarized the accident drill and required the operators to carefully analyze the drill process, become more familiar with accident emergency procedures, continuously improve the ability to respond to accidents, improve and optimize emergency plan, and improve the emergency response capabilities of the O&M team, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.