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Company organizes a meeting for affiliation violations

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On the morning of July 27, Huafeng Weiye Company Party Committee held a meeting in the 1605 meeting room of HTG Tower A to conduct research and deployment on the comprehensive rectification of affiliation violations. After that, Huafeng Weiye Company immediately organized a meeting for the leaders of the company, the department managers and the staff to convey and learn the spirit of the meeting about the company's special inspections of affiliation violations
All the participants firstly studied the notice of the group company and the requirements of the company’s Party committee. After that, they carefully discussed and sorted out the relevant work of various departments in accordance with the requirements issued by the company. Finally, the company leaders mobilized and deployed the inspection work, and made a clear division of labor to ensure the orderly implementation of the comprehensive rectification of violations and special inspections.
Next, Huafeng Weiye Company will strictly follow the requirements of the notice, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen system construction, rectify problems, and fully implement various work related to comprehensive rectification of violations and special inspections.