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Mr. Ni Jiawei is awarded the 2019 Pioneer Worker of Laoshan District

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Recently, Mr. Ni Jiawei, the vice chief engineer of SEPCOIII and the president of Huafeng Weiye Company, was awarded the 2109 Pioneer Worker of Laoshan District by the Federation of Trade Unions of Laoshan District.
The activity is organized for implementing President Xi’s important indication and developing the craftsmanship spirit to encourage the staff to work harder. The selected pioneer should be the outstanding person in his position and following the ideas and spirits of the Party. Giving the award to Huafeng Weiye Company shows the affirmation from the Federation of Trade Unions of Laoshan District to the company for its achievements of development and technology. 
Next, Huafeng Weiye Company will take the award as the power to work harder for both the technology and epidemic prevention and try to get great results for these.