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Huafeng Weiye Company Cuddalore Project Commissioning Dept Makes Effort to Advance the Commissioning Progress

Project news
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  Since the beginning of August, the project in India Cuddalore which is taken by Huafeng Weiye Company had been going into the commissioning peak gradually. In order to punctually complete the plan of auxiliary power recharging and prepare for the chemical water making and boiler acid cleaning in the next step, the commissioning department organized all expertise to make effort to promote the commissioning tasks according to the demands from the headquarter and the project.
  At present, the electrical engineering group overcame a lot of problems such as the lack of formal DC power supply, the instability of the AC power supply, the high temperature and the lack of air condition, and insisted in finding the problem, sending the defect list, and completing the rectification intraday. Facing with the problems what can not be solved in a short time including the sea water, air compression, and the power, the chemic group took actions including using temporary compressed air and temporary power to make sure of the work could be moved forward.
  So far, with the effort made by all sides, the air condition for the network control room of electrical engineering group had been put into operation, and the commissioning environment had been preliminary improved. As to the chemic group, the commissioning would be repeated until the sea water was full. The first draft of the thermal control definite value had been completed, and that would be submitted to the owner for approval in the near future. The ECS logic had been submitted to the commissioning management department. The mechanical group collated and demonstrated the test and verified the test project and test method, and they also made the system commissioning visa card, the system pre-commissioning checking list, and the system pre-commissioning valve status checking card.
  On the next step, the commissioning department will complete the network control commissioning work before 10th, Sep, and hand over to the electrical engineering group to do the bulge test. At the same time, the electrical commissioning will be given to the main control commissioning period, in order to complete the auxiliary power recharging and prepare for building the foundation of achieving the goal of handing over the #1 in March of 2015.