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Interaction between Indonesian Trainees and Employees of the Training Center of Huafeng Weiye Company

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At16:00,Nov14th,afterfinishingtoday’strainingcourse,theIndonesiantraineesandtheemployeesofthetrainingcenterofHuafengWeiyeCompanyheldsomeinterestinginteractiongamesagainsteachother.    Inordertoenricht
  At 16:00, Nov 14th, after finishing today’s training course, the Indonesian trainees and the employees of the training center of Huafeng Weiye Company held some interesting interaction games against each other.
  In order to enrich their training here, the training center invites the Indonesian trainees to participate in the three group games and personal games.
  Despite the language difference and not knowing the rules, the trainees quickly master the rules after the demonstration of the interpreter and organization personnel and enjoy themselves in the games. They even start their own Shuttlecock game with the employees of the training center. There are laughs, applauses and excited cries all over the playground.
  Then the trainees saw the balloon volleyball game and organized a team to play against the employees of the training center. Although this is their first time to play balloon volleyball, they quickly master the rules and enjoy themselves in the game. Some of them even play with their bare feet.
  The special and interesting games left a good impression on them and enriched the friendship between the training center and Indonesian trainees and their lives.