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Xinjiang Jingang Project Finishes 72+24 Trial Operation of #1

Project news
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At17:18ofOct3rd,2015,the72+24trailoperationworkofHuafengWeiyeCompanyXinjiangJingang2×135MWOwnedPowerPlant#1wasfinished.    CSEPDIbuilttheprojectastheEPCcontractor,andHuafengWeiyeCompanytookoverthecomm
  At 17:18 of Oct 3rd, 2015, the 72+24 trail operation work of Huafeng Weiye Company Xinjiang Jingang 2×135MW Owned Power Plant #1 was finished.
  CSEPDI built the project as the EPC contractor, and Huafeng Weiye Company took over the commissioning work of the project. During the trial operation, the project leaders and commissioning staff overcame many difficulties including lack of commissioning staff, new operation staff who are lack of experience, unstable power grid and equipment trouble, worked hard and cooperated closely, finally finished the trial operation work of #1 with the excellent working spirit and skills and won recognition from both the owner and the EPC contractor.
  The completion of trial operation of #1 shows the affirmation to the project leaders and commissioning staff and also built firm foundation for the following work for #2.