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India Cuddalore Project #2 First Connects to Grid Successfully

Project news
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At15:58ofApril13th,2016,IndiaCuddaloreCommissioningProjectsentgoodnewstousthat#2connectedtogridsuccessfullywithallqualifiedparameters,whichwongoodappraisalfromtheowner.    Duringthecommissioning,allth
  At 15:58 of April 13th, 2016, India Cuddalore Commissioning Project sent good news to us that #2 connected to grid successfully with all qualified parameters, which won good appraisal from the owner.
  During the commissioning, all the staffs of the project overcame the difficulties and developed the iron army spirit to work under strict standard and requirement, which showed their good working spirit and tough working style. Depending on the joint effort of the commissioning staffs, #2 connected to grid successfully, which built firm foundation for the following works.
  Next, the commissioning team will further develop the iron army spirit to work better for the following commissioning works.