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300 Days Safe Operation of Karamay O&M Project

Project news
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UptoMay10th,2016,GuodianKaramayPowerPlanthasbeensafelyoperatedfor300daysbyHuafengWeiyeCompanyKaramayO&MProject,whichisthebestresultsincebuiltthepowerplant.    SincetakingovertheO&MworksofKaramayPowerP
  Up to May 10th, 2016, Guodian Karamay Power Plant has been safely operated for 300 days by Huafeng Weiye Company Karamay O&M Project, which is the best result since built the power plant.
  Since taking over the O&M works of Karamay Power Plant on July 10th, 2015, the project carefully followed the owner’s and the company’s safety production arrangement and operation procedures, strictly implemented standard duty and PTW systems and trained the staffs in leisure time, insured the safe operation of the units and finally achieved the excellent result of no unscheduled shutdown for 300 days.
  It is really difficult that the project accomplished no unscheduled shutdown for 300 days under the strict assessment of unscheduled shutdown. This is the result achieved by the joint effort of all the project staffs with the support and help of the leaders and departments in head office. Next, the project will keep on the production policy of “Safety First”, find out disadvantages and enhance management to achieve greater result.