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Nigeria Ogun O&M Project Organizes Activities for Celebrating Company’s 10th Birthday

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OntheafternoonofAugust6,2016,NigeriaOgunO&MProjectorganizedaseriesofactivitiestocelebratethecompany’s10thbirthday.    At4:00p.m.,alltheparticipantscametothecompetitionareatotakepartintobadmintoncompet
  On the afternoon of August 6, 2016, Nigeria Ogun O&M Project organized a series of activities to celebrate the company’s 10th birthday.
  At 4:00 p.m., all the participants came to the competition area to take part into badminton competition and basketball shooting competition. The wonderful competitions won cheers from the audience and everybody was enjoying in the competitions.
  These days are really important to middle repair of #2. The activities relaxed the staffs and created higher cohesion for the team. All the staffs showed their confidence of making larger contribution to the company’s development.