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Ras Al Khair O&M Project Organizes Three-person Basketball Game

Project news
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OnJuly16th,2017,withthesupportoftheprojectleadersandthejointeffortoftheprojectcolleagues,thethree-personbasketballgameofRasAlKhairProjectwascompletedsuccessfully.    Thegameisdividedintopreliminaryrou
  On July 16th, 2017, with the support of the project leaders and the joint effort of the project colleagues, the three-person basketball game of Ras Al Khair Project was completed successfully.
  The game is divided into preliminary round, semi-finals, the final three parts, take the random lottery pairing pairs of paired PK. Competition in the ‘friendship first, game second’ purpose, in the living area basketball court launched a fierce competition. Whistle sounded, both players quickly into the state. Sharp breakthrough, clever pass, accurate shooting, excellent cooperation between teammates and wonderful offensive and defensive conversion, detonated the atmosphere of the stadium, won bursts of applause. In the end, Li Wei, Lin Haitao, Zhang Bo, the team composed of three wins the final victory.
  Through this activity, not only enrich the staff's amateur life, enhance the cohesion of the project department, to strengthen the staff exercise and teamwork awareness, but also to employees in the intensive work can relax, feel the collective Strength and warmth, to enhance communication and understanding between colleagues, Zawar project for the development of the Department to create a "happy life, happy work" business atmosphere, and truly achieve our activities and the purpose of this purpose.