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Finishing Electricity Generation Task 17 Days in Advance

Project news
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  At local time 22:00 of February 11th, 2019, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project finished the electricity generation task of the first O&M contract settlement year (28/02/2018-28/02/2019) with the total on-grid energy, 728055.88MWh, 17 days in advance. The owner sent letter with congratulations to the project.
  On 12th, the celebration ceremony was held at the CCR, and Mr. Yang Fan, the manager from the owner side, congratulated to the O&M team with flowers and made a speech to appreciate the O&M team and hoped them to achieve better results in the new year.
  Over the past year, the project worked really hard with the excellent working style and professional technique depending on the support of the head office and finished the electricity generation task of 2018 13 days in advance and the task of the first O&M contract settlement year 17 days in advance. Next, the project will further develop the iron army spirit and work harder to make the Thaketa Power Plant to be the model O&M project in the field of power market of Rangoon and Myanmar.