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Morocco Jerada O&M Project Organizes Safety Checking Activity before C Repair

Project news
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  On March 14th, 2019, Morocco Jerada O&M Project organized the special safety checking activity before unit C repair. Led by Mr. Yu Lianshui, Deputy Manager of the EPC Project, the safety checking team formed by the O&M project leaders and department managers carried out the safety checking in the production area.
  Mr. Yu said that the managers should implement the procedures and regulations and create a good atmosphere of safety to insure the safe and stable operation of the units, and also be clear of the responsibilities and time of rectify and reform to build foundation for the following C repair works.
  After the checking, Mr. Li Qiusheng, Deputy Secretary of the Third Branch of Huafeng Weiye Party Committee, arranged the rectify and reform works and required the Safety Production Department to implement the related jobs according to Mr. Yu’s requirements. He also required the project to regularly organize internal safety checking to guarantee the safe and stable operation of the units.
  Next, the project will carefully implement the rectify and reform works and solve the problems in accordance with the regulations and work hard for the C repair job.