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Good News: Huafeng Weiye Company Wins Bid of Xinjiang Jingang 2×135MW Captive Power Plant for Commissioning Project

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  Recently, we got good news that after detailed preparation for more than a month, Huafeng Weiye Company successfully won the bid of commissioning project for 2×135MW Captive Power Plant of Jingang Circular Economy Industrial Park, Division 4 Regiment 73, took over the subsystem commissioning, full set start-up commissioning, special test, and electrical constant value calculation, etc. This means the company made new breakthrough in developing domestic market.
  The 2×135MW Captive Power Plant of Jingang Circular Economy Industrial Park, Division 4 Regiment 73 locates at Gongliu, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. There are four under-construction polysilicon factory buildings including Zhonggui Technology Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Guopeng Technology Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Yugui Technology Co., Ltd. and Ili Jiuhong Silicon Co., Ltd. next to the power plant. The plant will supply power to the companies mentioned above for a long term, and it also has significant meaning of promoting the local economic, technological and social development.
  Since the beginning of this year, based on well operating the internal market of SEPCO III, Huafeng Weiye Company vigorously developed the market by its own. The success of winning the bid is the result of making effort to develop the market, and is also the demonstration of the strength of the company, which has significant meaning of enriching domestic market achievements and helping the company to become the first-class power plant commissioning and O&M company.
  Now, the company has organized commissioning staff to enter the plant as per the contract requirements and has been doing the preparation work already.