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Huafeng Weiye Company Organizes Training for Getting Chemical Cleaning Qualification

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  From February 6th to 11th, 2015, Huafeng Weiye Company organized a training activity for getting chemical cleaning qualification at the meeting room of HTG Tower, and there were 26 persons from boiler, steam turbine and chemistry majors attended the training. Our company invited Mr. Yu Yafei, the expert from CBWQA, to teach the course.
  Before the training, Mr. Lv Tao, Chief Engineer of Huafeng Weiye Company, welcomed Mr. Yu and required all the trainees should study hard for to upgrade their professional skill and to build firm foundation for company’s chemical cleaning business. During the training, Mr. Yu detailed explained the overview, dust and its harm, corrosion inhibiter, additive, cleaning process, cleaning principle, chemical cleaning quality, risk management and guide rule to the trainees. The trainees communicated with the teacher about the problems happened in their work in a active atmosphere. On February 11th, under the supervision of the expert from CBWQA, all the 26 trainees attended the examination for getting the qualification which means the training was brought to a successful close.
  CBWQA is a professional and no-profit social organization composed of entities and individuals who are doing boiler water production (design, manufacture, installation, reform and repair), using, testing, supervision, cleaning equipment manufacturing and cleaning service, and it has independent legal entity qualification. By doing this training, all the trainees understand chemical cleaning more comprehensive, improve their professional skills and build firm foundation for reaching company’s objective of being to the top in the field of chemical cleaning.