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Company Takes Part in Parent Company’s Evening Party for Celebrating CCP Birthday

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IntheeveningofJuly1st,2015,HuafengWeiyeCompanyorganizedallthestaffinheadofficetotakepartinparentcompany’seveningpartyforcelebratingtheChineseCommunistParty’s94-yearsbirthday.    Ontheparty,thecompanys
  In the evening of July 1st, 2015, Huafeng Weiye Company organized all the staff in head office to take part in parent company’s evening party for celebrating the Chinese Communist Party’s 94-years birthday.
  On the party, the company staff sang the chorus to express our praise to the party, and recited a poem to express our love to the party. The song and poem won great recognition from the audience, and showed our positive spirit, our love to the party, to our country, to our company and our life, as well as our passion for promoting the company’s business significantly.