Company Take Part to Parent Company's 2016 Commissioning Work Conference


  On February 29, 2016, parent company's 2016 Commissioning Work Conference was held in hongtai building 1F meeting room, which is presided by Ms. Dai Zengli, CSD Director, and Mr. Zhang Huanxiang, Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer of parent company and related leaders of TCD, CMD, CSD and Huafeng Weiye Compnay attended the meeting.
  Huafeng Weiye Company and CSD respectively gave the commissioning project report, including 2015 summarizing, the existence question and the key work in 2016, and discussed refinement commissioning, commissioning personnel planning, performance index, commissioning of individual equipment mode issues, and come to an agreement. Everyone express their views freely and the atmosphere is very warm.
  Finally, MR. Zhang summarized speech, demanded to improve commissioning staff ability; implement the meeting items; Fully understand and carefully prepare to complete each commissioning projects at home and abroad; To speed up the company units has been put into operation and data analysis and database construction, compared to the original design, to promote the company's technical ability circulation rise; CSD and huafeng weiye companies, mutual cooperation, common to complete commissioning tasks in 2016.
  The meeting summed up the experience of 2015, and arranged the work of 2016, which laid a foundation for smooth completion of the annual target.