Company Finishes Chemical Cleaning Work of Shenhua Guohua Shouguang Project #1


  On April 21st, 2016, the Chemical Cleaning Center of the company finished the alkali cleaning and acid cleaning works of Shenhua Guohua Shouguang Power Plant Phase I (2×1000MW) Project #1 and passed the acceptance check of supervisor and the owner.
  Shenhua Guohua Shouguang Power Plant Phase I Project locates at Yangkou, Shouguang, and the owner is Shenhua Guohua Shouguang Electric Power Co., Ltd.. The project is the first-stage project with 2×1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired unit and desulfurization and denitration equipment. The company took over the acid cleaning work of boiler and low-level economizer and alkali cleaning work of boiler-front system.
  Relying on the carefully preparation and arrangement of the Chemical Cleaning Center, the alkali cleaning works was finished from March 24th to 29th; the boiler acid cleaning work was finished from April 13th to 16th; and the low-level economizer acid cleaning work was finished from April 19th to 21st. The cleaning was qualified and met the quality standard requirements of Supercritical/Ultra-supercritical Unit Chemical Cleaning Guide (Guohua Electric Power Company Standard Q/GH 002—2008).
  Finishing the chemical cleaning work of Shenhua Guohua #1 is another great breakthrough of the company’s chemical cleaning development as leaping from 330MW to 1000MW, which has milestone meaning of developing our chemical cleaning work.