HF General Party Branch Organizes Studying Spirit of 1st Party Congress and “Two to Learn & One to Do” Activities


  On the afternoon of July 4th, 2016, Huafeng Weiye Company General Party Branch convened meeting at 12F meeting room for studying the spirits of 1st Party Congress and “Two to Learn & One to Do”. Mr. Peng Hong, secretary of the general party branch, held the meeting, and all the party members in Qingdao and activists took part in the meeting.
  On the meeting, Mr. Peng firstly transmitted the spirit of 1st Party Congress and explained the main content of the two reports made by Mr. Wang Li and Mr. Sun Qili to the participants, and required them to study the spirits, to understand the new ideas in the two reports, to study harder, to use the theories in real work, and to perfect our party works guided by the two reports and the reality of the company.
  After that, Mr. Peng told the content and requirement of “Two to Learn & One to Do” to the participants and led them to study <CPC Clean, Honest and Self-disciplined Criterion> and then required them to follow the rules and criterion and to play exemplary role in order to develop the general party branch.
  Mr. Peng required the party members to implement the spirits in real work and to study harder to become qualified party members.
  At last, Mr. Peng led all the participants to solemnly swear before the party flag.