Company Organizes Donation Activity for Employee Shi Jianbo’s Sick Child


  On the morning of August 5th, 2016, Ms. Sun Xuemei, Administration Department Manager doubles as HR Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company went to Shanghai Children’s Medical Center with donation and visited Shi Panzheng, the sick child of Shi Jianbo, an employee of the company, on behalf of the company.
  In April of 2016, Shi Panzheng was suffered from ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), which gave a heavy blow to Shis.
  After knowing this information, the general party branch paid high attention to the event and proposed the donation for Mr. Shi in order to save Shi Panzheng’s life and his family. The donation activity was carried out immediately in the company. The head quarter raised more than 10,000 yuan within a few hours under the leaders’ guidance. The projects also paid great attention to the activity and sent the donation to the head quarter soon. Finally, the company raised 72,930 yuan within 5 days. After that, Ms. Sun went to Shanghai immediately and gave the donation to Mr. Shi.
  In addition, many kind-hearted people from the head quarter of the parent company, Nigeria EPC Project of the parent company, Qinghai Qiaotou Aluminum & Power Co., Ltd. and Jinzhou Tianshengda Electric Power Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. also contributed to the donation; some leaders and employees in day off contacted to the company to participate into the donation; a lot of people donated both through the internet and by the company. All the people touched us with their kind hearts and behaviour.
  The company has been always insisting in the development concept of developing the company with the staffs and always puts the staffs in the first place, and it always warms the staffs with its love and actions.
  It is understood that there will be 13 courses of treatment lasting in 1 year and a half, and the total cost will be about 300,000 yuan. Now Shi Panzheng is treated in the first chemotherapy period and he is stubbornly going forward with our love on the way to recovery.
  After receiving the donation, Mr. Shi was really touched and then sent a letter of thanks to all the kind-heated people.
  A month ago, my child was suffered from ALL, which made my family nearly broken down. When we were worried about the huge treatment cost, you kindly helped us and gave hope to my child.
  With the support and guidance of the company leaders, the staffs initiated donation activity for us and finally raised about 80,000 yuan within a few days. Even though the most of them are somebody unfamiliar even unknown, they still donated with their kind heart and made best wished to my child. Thank you so much!
  There were many times I wanted to write down this letter of thanks while I didn’t know how to write it because words are so useless to express my thanks, so I only would like to say, thank you! I would like to thank all the leaders and colleagues here on behalf of my family and wish you all the best!