Technology and Production Department Organizes Technical Training of GT Projects


  In order to further improve the company commissioning staffs’ skill level of GT and get prepared for the following GT commissioning projects, Technology and Production Department organized a technical training of GT for all the commissioning staffs in the head office from August 1 to 19, 2016.
  At the training, Mr. Cui Jiaqiang, Manager of Technology and Production Department firstly taught the company’s management system to the participants and explained the company’s organization structure, the responsibilities of the departments, the operation mode of projects, the requirements of system documents and the personal responsibilities to them.
  After that, the commissioning staffs taught courses in turn and the courses covered startup regulations, commissioning program, knowledge of safety, knowledge of GT and related specialized ST knowledge, electrical knowledge, boiler knowledge, I&C knowledge, vibration knowledge, chemical knowledge and performance test, etc.
  Mr. Lv Tao, Chief Engineer, emphasized the commissioning project management and explained the management procedures of commissioning project to the participants.
  After the training, the teachers held close-book tests to assess the training result. The training made the participants to be clearer of GT knowledge and the basic rules of GT project commissioning and management, which built firm foundation for the following GT commissioning projects.
  With the development of the company’s GT commissioning projects especially at Middle East, the requirement of the company’s commissioning team is getting higher and higher. Therefore, Technology and Production Department will further strengthen the technical training of GT and improve the commissioning staffs’ technical and skill level to build foundation for undertaking more and better completing the commissioning works of GT projects.