Huafeng Weiye Company Party Branch Organizes Meeting of Making Probationary Party Member to Become a Full Member


  In the afternoon of November 28th, 2016, Huafeng Weiye Company Party Branch organized a meeting for discussing and making Mr. Shi Huaiwei to become a full party member at the 1208 meeting room of building C and all the party members in Qingdao attended the meeting.
  The meeting was held by Mr. Peng Hong, Secretary of Party Branch, and went on strictly in accordance with the party development programme. Mr. Shi Huaiwei, the probationary party member, firstly read out his application, reported his thought, study and work to others and showed his attitude. Mr. Ni Jiawei and Mr. Li Shanggang, who are Mr. Shi’s supervisors, introduced his general performance and the party branch committee then evaluated his performance. After the other party members’ discussion and voting, all the members agreed Mr. Shi to become a full member. Mr. Peng then announced the decision of the meeting of agreeing Mr. Shi to become a full member.
  After that, Ms. Sun Xuemei, Secretary of No. 1 Branch, led all the party members to swear before the party flag.
  At last, all the party members and department heads watched the video of “Always on the road”.