Company’s Technical Project Wins the Third Prize of National Power Company Employees Technical Achievement Prize


  Recently, the appraisement result of the 2016 (8th) National Power Company Employees Technical Achievement Prize was published and the company’s technical project, GT Set APS Control System, stands out from 516 projects and wins the third prize.
  The project is mainly finished by Mr. Ni Jiawei, Mr. Chu Wenqiang, Mr. Kong Fanlin, Mr. Lv Tao, Mr. Tian Zhigang and Mr. Zhao Feng and the system is an intelligent and high automatic control system generally used on GT sets. The system can control all the display operations of control system needing manual intervention of the whole process after the last scheduled shutdown, from the starting preparation of auxiliary systems of the set under hot state to meeting the GT startup conditions, ignition, GT synchronization, ST running and synchronizing to finally operating GT with set load including the control of manual judgment for related conditions and parameters before and during set startup.
  On August 18th, 2016, the project members explained the technical innovation, technical advancement, application scope, implementation result and economic benefit of the project on the open reply held in Shenyang and won recognition from the assessment experts. In November, after the approval of the appraisal committee and the competent organization, the project was awarded the third prize of the National Power Company Employees Technical Achievement Prize.
  The National Power Company Employees Technical Achievement Prize is the highest honor in the field of technical innovation for national power company employees at present. Winning the prize is the result of company insisting in scientific and technical innovation and shows our strength and technology on GT sets APS control.