Good News: We Sign Operation Technical Guidance Contract for Thailand NPP9 Unit


  On December 26th, 2016, we received good news that the company had signed the operation technical guidance contract with the owner of Thailand NPP9 1×135MW Biomass Power Station and which is really a happy ending to the independently developed market of 2016.
  Thailand NPP9 1×135MW Biomass Power Station is constructed by Datang Company as the EPC contractor and we are responsible for system and whole set commissioning works. At the end of July, we finished the 168hs trial running work and hand over the unit to the owner for commercial operation. During commissioning, we won great recognition from the owner with our professional work and excellent work style and the owner contact to us for technical guidance for this reason.
  Signing the contract means that the company made further cooperation with the owner as well as that the company got further development on technical service which is a reference to further developing the market of technical service.