Mr. Abdullah B. Al-Anazi, General Manager of SA Ras AL Khair Project Visited Huafeng Weiye Company


On March 16, 2018, Mr. Abdullah B. Al-Anazi, General Manager of Arabia Ras AL Khair project visited Huafeng Weiye. Ni Jiawei, the company’s deputy chief engineer and general manager of Huafeng Weiye, and the department managers of Huafeng Weiye Company received the reception. During the meeting, the company’s deputy general manager and chief engineer Zhang Huanxiang met with Mr. Anazi.
First of all, Mr. Ni accompanied Mr. Anazi to visit the company’s honor room. Mr. Anazi expressed his approval of the company’s honor and achievements and wrote a note to give the company a good wish. Afterwards, a meeting was held in the conference room of Huafeng Weiye Company. Through PPT, Mr. Anazi was introduced to the business field, project management and other aspects of the company. The owner gave high recognition to the achievements and corporate vision of Huafeng Waiye, and he expressed his hope that through common efforts and enhanced cooperation, both parties can become the first in the industry in their respective fields! After that, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on schedule issues, financial payments, spare parts purchases, English skills in management positions, after-sales support, localization of employees, and improvements in office space etc. Mr. Anazi thanked the company’s headquarter for its support.
According to the itinerary, Mr. Ni accompanied Mr. Anazi to visit the simulator classroom. Mr. Anazi showed a keen interest in the training of the simulator. He seriously consulted the training related issues and expressed his sincere thanks that Huafeng Weiye provided the simulator for the Arabia Ras AL Khair Project.
Zhang Huanxiang, the deputy general manager of the company, attached great importance to this visit. He had a friendly meeting with Mr. Anazi during his busy schedule and gave instructions on the project operation and maintenance.
Through this visit, Mr. Anazi, the owner, has a deeper understanding of the company’s project operations, technical level and execution capabilities, and has a positive significance for the future cooperation between the two parties. Next, Huafeng Weiye and Arabia Ras AL Khair O&M Project Department will take this visit as an opportunity to scientifically plan and work hard to do a good job of the project O&M work to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, and make unremitting efforts to improve the company’s O&M brand and in the Middle East market.