Huafeng Weiye Company Wins Bid of Pakistan GHCL Heat Consumption Test, Improvement Consulting Project


  Recently, Huafeng Weiye Company won the bid of Pakistan GHCL heat consumption test and improvement consulting project and signed the contract. This is the first technical improvement project won by the company.
  The owner is Genco Holding Company Limited belonged to the Department of Water and Power of Pakistan. According to the contract, the company is responsible to provide heat consumption test and optimization services to owner’s 5 power generation companies and 8 power stations and to perfect the power stations’ existing O&M regulations and management procedures in order to improve the units’ output and optimize the heat rate.
  At February 23rd, the company’s technical team visited the owner’s Nandipur Power Plant. During the visiting, the team discussed the project sequence and test procedures with Mr. Imran, CEO of the owner’s group company, Nandipur Power Station Manager and their technical team. Mr. Imran welcomed our team and hoped the team could carry out the work sooner to help the power stations to improve the performance.
  Mr. Song Hongwei, Project Manager, said that the technical team will try to provide the superior technical service and help the owner to improve the performance and output and reduce the power generation cost.
  Successfully signing the contract means the company made another progress on developing overseas power market and it also builds a good example for further developing the market of technical service.