Huafeng Weiye Company Holds 2017 1st Project Management Training Class


  At 9:00 of March 31st, 2017, the opening ceremony of Huafeng Weiye Company 2017 1st Project Management Training Class held by the company and Management College of Ocean University of China was held at Center of International Academic Exchanges of Qingdao University. Mr. Zhang Huanxiang, Vice President doubles as Chief Engineer of SEPCOIII, Mr. Tian Maoxue, Manager of HR Department and Training Center, Mr. Li Zhigang, Professor of Business Management Department of Management College of Ocean University of China, Mr. Ni Jiawei, President of Huafeng Weiye Company, Mr. Peng Hong, Vice President doubles as Secretary of Party Branch, the managers at headquarter of the company and 17 project managers and key personnel attended the ceremony. Mr. Peng held the opening ceremony.
  Mr. Ni firstly introduced the objective of the training to the trainees and made requirements to them combining with the spirit of President Wang Lujun’s speech and the reality of the company as following: Firstly, be good at thinking, enrich our knowledge, change the single mode of thinking and endeavor to improve our abilities of thinking and communicating; Secondly, do not be muddled, be clear of the principal contradiction and the focus of attention and try the best to solve the main problem within reasonable time; Thirdly, change the roles from simple execution to guiding and coordinating through the training and working practice; Fourthly, be decent, be careful to the work and surrounding environment, improve the EQ and the ability of coordination and communication.
  After that, Mr. Zhang made the following requirements: Firstly, change the roles from work to study and study hard; Secondly, master management tools and method, make effective use the five functions of management and improve the ability of communication; Thirdly, enhance the management of system, improve the execution; Fourthly, communicate to each other on experience and lessons; Fifthly, bring the knowledge to working practice and build the learning team; Sixthly, summarize the experience from the training to provide reference for the following works; Seventhly, be happy at work and life and organize more activities to improve the cohesion of the team.
  At last, Mr. Jiang announced the course arrangement and discipline to the trainees.
  The training is needed by the fast development of the company to improve the management capability of the middle management team, to improve the project executive capability of the company and to reserve more talents for the company’s long-term development. There are totally 17 trainees in the training and they will get closed training including 8 classical project management course and management system and after-sale trainings for 10 days, moreover, the company headquarters will also organize the courses as business management, enterprise culture, HSE, financial management, market management and project management to the trainees.