Class Newspaper of Huafeng Weiye Company 1st Project Management Training (I)


  In the morning of March 31st, 2017, Huafeng Weiye Company’s first project management training was opened. The training includes the courses as Fundamentals of Management, Fine Management, Outstanding Leadership and Team Building, Project Management and achieved excellent training from the experienced teachers and the active trainees. On April 6th, Mr. Liu Chengwei, Manager of ADD and QAD, held the training of system management for deeply explaining the company management system to the trainees. The class committee organized the trainees to discuss the experience of employee training management, safety management and subcontractor’s employee management.
  Management has generality but more specialities. Every project has its own character so its management has character. Only found the specific management method can promote the project development and reach the project goals.
  Regarding to management by objectives, the project managers should set objectives under the guidance of the company and promote to achieve the objectives, encourage the employees to set their own development objectives as they would like to give more passion to the work and the project development with their own objectives.
  As to communication, as the most important skill for a manager is to integrate the various factors relating to the project, communication is also important for getting on with other parties which can promote the efficiency and result greatly.
  By Mr. Fang Shijing, Director of Sudan O&M Guidance Project
  Management is a kind of knowledge to arouse persons’ initiative to finish task correctly. The basic function of management is to set objective and the achieving method, realize allocation resource and activity, motivate the organization members to reach the organization goals and finally measure the real works and correct the deviation. On the class, Professor Li taught the basic knowledge of management with professional and rich experience, analyzed cases to help the trainees to understand the knowledge, and completed the game Communication is the Key. We understood that what scientific management is and mastered the standard and method of management.
  By Mr. Liu Zonggen, Operation Department Manager of SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project
  There are following reasons of lacking of execution. Firstly, lack of objective budget, not clear of the task and relevant influential factors and how to avoid the factors. Secondly, bad working attitude, always find reasons to delay the job. The third, scarce ability and flexibility. Fourthly, not consider of the details. So we should firstly have reasonable objective budget and decompose the objective onto personnel; secondly have performance evaluation with formal system; thirdly feedback, the leaders should analyze the problem, find the root reason and guide the personnel.
  If we want to promote execution, we should learn to find measures to solve the problem rather than make excuses.
  By Mr. Chen Hao, Deputy Director of GT Institute
  Professor Su pointed three phenomena of lacking of management: make excuse, buck passing, three-careless. Then he analyzed the theory from fine management and made specific explanation through cases.
  Through Professor Su’s training and case analysis and the management difference between the Chinese company and Japanese company, I deeper understood the fine management and the significant meaning of it to company development. Next, I will learn more scientific management method based on my job and integrate the fine management with our real works to build firm foundation for the company development.
  By Mr. Hu Shuai, Operation Shift Leader of Haveli Project
  In a project team, the leadership is made by project manager and deputy project manager and the execution party is composed by the members. The team should use the members’ knowledge and skills to solve the problem and reach the project objectives. As the leadership, the project manager and deputy manager should build good working atmosphere and regular meetings, communicate with the principal about the work plan, solve the problems found in meetings as per PDCA, and use the incentive mechanism and evaluation mechanism to motivate the staffs. The team members should give feedback of works to the leadership. This kind of team should be an excellent team with strong execution and high performance.
  By Mr. Yang Chao, Deputy Commissioning Chief Engineer of Hebei Xingtai Project
  We generally focused on technology but not leading and building the team. With the development of the company and project, the managers should pay more attention to combining management and technology. After the course, I have had a general idea of project management and could made detailed project fine management system according to the project character. Only had the concept of personnel, technology and management can we remain the invincible position for project operation.
  By Mr. Zhang Xueming, Deputy Commissioning Chief Engineer of Cuddalore Project
  Management causes benefit, so we should have a set of management system and work process. As a project manager, we should make the example for the team, bring the good working styles into the team work, motivate the team member and promote their cooperation.
  The project manager should be humanized to the team members and build good leader-member relation. The manager should also be the backstage director and help the team to solve problems.
  Through Professor Liu’s lecture, I understood Outstanding Leadership and Team Building and knew that only study more and harder can I make more progress.
  By Mr. Ma Hongdong, Principal of Xinjiang Fuhai Solar PV Project
  Mr. Li taught a principle of learning to us: draw inferences about other cases from one instance, gain new insights through reviewing old material and learn for the practical usage.
  As to change the way of thinking, I knew that an excellent leader should have the way of thinking that square internally and round externally. One success is not real success, and continuous success is the real success, so to be successful is a kind of custom. Outstanding leadership exists in cultivating type, looking type, tolerating type and guiding type and needs detailed analysis.
  Mr. Liu summarized six qualities for outstanding managers as IQ, EQ, AQ, LQ, Be in Harmony and Vision. This is the direction for our learning and moving.
  An efficient team should insist in the six-hold-on principle to solve problems. The team members should complement each other’s advantages on skills, and the managers should provide good conditions and environment to help the members to display their talent and play the utility of resources.
  By Mr. Wang Jinwei, Operation Shift Leader of SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project